Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Vote for Warm Weather Climates

Yes I know. Yesterday I felt sorry for those that live in warm climates. Today I'm feeling a little bit different.

I have relatives that live in the great corn state of Nebraska. I am planning to visit them this weekend. And I'm driving. I was just checking for my travel forecast. And now I have to decide whether I will go or not.

The conditions are perfect for the drive down. However my return trip could be a bit iffy. As I get closer to home, the weather is forecasted to be in the mid 30's with a chance of rain. Yes I said rain. Now if you live where you get a traditional winter, you know that if those peeps who forecast are even a bit off in the temp that rain could actually be freezing rain. I have no problem driving in snow, but ice is a totally different story.

So now I'm wishing, just for a few days that our weather is a bit warmer..........................

What to do???

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pity for Warm Weather Residents?

This winter in the Mud Duck state has been a lot of fun so far. We got snow earlier than we have in recent years and it hasn't been too cold.

This family of Mud Ducks spent the New Year further north in the Mud Duck state. My extended family also joined us. As we were all getting ready to venture off on our activities, I felt sorry for those who live in warm weather climates that cannot experience a true spectacular winter day.

My BIL, sister and nephew were on the snowmobile heading off on the frozen lake to the fish house to hopefully catch a new big Walleye for dinner. My husband was on the 4 wheeler with our two youngest children sitting behind him in a sled being pulled around the frozen expanse. My Mom and I were heading out on cross country skis to see all the wonderful sights.

I wish I could take that mental picture in my head and post it here for all to see. The joy on my family's faces as the headed out was perfect! As my Mom and I were skiing along the lake, 3 small planes with skis mounted on instead of wheels flew over right above us. So close that I could see the pilot's faces.

It was a truly wonderful day that I know we will all remember. And I feel bad for those who do not get to experience this.

But then I came crashing back to reality today.....the actual air temp when I got up, -4 with the wind chill, -21. I guess there is something to be said for living in a warmer climate.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Again I'm sucking at keeping up my blog. Apparently I need to pencil it in on my daily schedule.

We have had the crud here at the Mud Duck home. Every single one of us has come down with some form of it. While this is my favorite part of the year, I also hate it because my kiddos seem to bring home every aliment known to man.

And this stuff hangs on tenaciously. I'm on my 3rd week of it. I have kept up with my exercising in the mornings but last week the crud had a hold of me so badly that I skipped it.

I have added Yoga to my regimen. I can't believe how much I enjoy this type of "exercise." I put quotations around exercise because there are some hard core Yogis' out there that cringe when they hear Yoga referred to as exercise.

I'm all gung ho on it though and am constantly surprising myself with how my body can move. I can curl my body into a ball and balance myself for a nano second on my hands.

Okay so it is only for a nano second, but hey I can still say I did it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

What Excites Me

The silliest things get my excited.

My newest is some new add-ons that I found for FireFox. Now I think FireFox is the greatest browser out there and I don't understand why everyone isn't using it.

I currently have a lot of their add-ons downloaded, but tonight after FF was done with it's latest and greatest update I found some more.

I don't know if they are "new" or not, but to me they are and I'm in love.

The first is ScribeFire. This blogging add-on lets you post to your blog while FF runs on the top half of your screen. You just click the little notepad icon on the toolbar at the bottom and boom, it opens an editor. So simple. No more logging into my blog accounts and navigating to the place I want to be. With the click of my mouse I'm there.

The other add-on is FoxyTunes! How did I miss this one for so long. It also runs on the bottom toolbar and you can connect to almost any music player you want. All the controls are down below as well as scrolling text that tells what is currently playing. For those of us who love to listen to their tunes while surfing the web it is the bomb. (do people say bomb any longer or am I dating myself?)

Told you I was strange.

Now playing: Toby Keith - You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinking
via FoxyTunes

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oreo Workout

3 weeks ago I started getting up early and exercising. I love it. I feel great all day.

We recently aquired satelite TV. While surfing through the channels I came accross FitTV. All day exercise programming. Whoo Hoo.

I tuned into the channel this morning (after my regular session) I sat on the couch, watched these people really working out.

I ate Oreo's. :)

Fishing - My way and His way

This summer we went "Up North" for a week, as in a family vacation. Most Mud Duck's like to fish among other water sports since we have so much of it. I don't get a whole lot of enjoyment from fishing. I think the Fish Hot Line puts out the word when I'm around and they all steer clear of my line because I never and I mean never catch a fish.

Have you ever fished with a 2 and 4 yo who cannot sit still for a minute. Nor can they even stop talking for a nano second. One will be in the cooler digging out ice cubes to throw while the other is flipping switches for the blower motor, the horn and whatever else is on the instrument panel. This does not make for a relaxing time and 20 minutes into it I'm ready to jump in the lake and never come up for air. I definitely do not go for that kind of fishing.

In keeping with the title of this post, here is fishing his way;

Pull out a fat slimy worm
Stick a hook through it few times
Reel in
Pry hook out of equally slimy but also floppy fish's mouth
Either keep or pitch back
Repeat over
and over
and over again

Fishing my way. (Also referred to as the RIGHT way)

Tune radio to a station that plays some rockin songs
Turn the volume way up (a treat as never listen to music loud for fear of ruining kids hearing)
Shed all clothing except way to skimpy bikini that wouldn't be caught dead in typically
Slather on the SPF50 (cause have to admit am getting older, don't want more wrinkles)
Dig through cooler for ice cold Barcardi Breezer
Stretch out at opposite end of boat from husband
Lay back and shut eyes
Hope to make appropriate noises when husband catches "the big one".

Now that is the only way to fish!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back.......but for how long?

Yes as I have stated before, I suck at blogging. My last post was over 5 months ago. I guess I should consider it an accomplishment that I still have this blog.

So what has been happening in Mud Duck land you may ask. (And if you aren't, quit reading now because you are about to find out)

I think I will tell of one major thing that happened in 5 months today. Then I will tell another thing tomorrow. That way I'll have to keep coming back and posting because I wouldn't want to let all of you down. (yes I'm assuming someone is reading this)

The family and I went to Orlando this summer. Labor Day weekend to be exact. And it was H O T! In the past we have always visited when there is still snow on the ground and a "-" in front of the high temp of the day in Mud Duck land. So we were in love with FL. I always thought it was sunny and in the 80's with no humidity to speak of. (I regularly bury my head in the sand)

So this time around it was in the mid 90's and with the humidity the heat index was 105 give or take a few. This is how every day went that we were there. Blistering hot by 8:00 a.m. - Not fit for humans by noon, thunderstorms that made you want to run for your life at 2:00, freaking hot again and even more humid by 5:00.

When we finally arrived in Mud Duck land it was 88 degrees and it felt like a breath of fresh air. We will stick to February, March and November for our FL va-ca's.